Son of God

A Muslim may ask:

How can Christians call Jesus the “Son of God”? This is blasphemy. God has no sons!

Jesus is referred to in the Bible as “The Word” of God (John 1:1). Jesus has that same title in Islam (Quran 4:171).

God’s word is His divine ideas given to us in a human understandable form of communication, via scripture or inspiration.

Now, think of ideas in terms of birth from the mind, “the idea is the child of the mind.” Is there anything wrong in saying: “my ideas are the child of my mind?” Did you say anything irrational here?

It is unfortunate, that some people think when Jesus is referred to as the “Son of God” that He was born from God in a physical or sexual manner.

Jesus is not a physical son of God, as you are not a physical child of your country, still you could say: “I am the son/daughter/child of my country” Nobody will think your country went into labor and gave physical birth to you.

Similarly, the idea which is born from the mind, is the child of the mind, remains in the mind, does not leave the mind, and a mind without ideas or knowledge is an absent mind.

We believe that Jesus is God’s Word, His idea which was given to us as a divine communication between God and man.


  1. Amen jesus is indeed the son of the living God and was God whom manifested himselves in the flesh , Bi kalimatin ( Words of Allah ) , Proof that Jesus is indeed the son of the Living God ( God in The Flesh ) , Sura 18:109 , Sura 31:27 , Sura 3:39:48 , Luke 1:26:38
    Sura 4:170 , ( Words are the logos second in Godhead ) , John 1:1:14 , Isaiah 9:6 ,
    Collossians 2:7:9 . See Sura 3:39:48 ( Verse 48 ) , John 5:19:23 , John 14:6 ,
    Revelation 3:20 , Luke 11:9:10 , ” Sura 19:33 , 1 Corintians 15 , John 3:16:17 , I Leave it up to you to do your home work dear muslims as a Enquargement from a Christian whom was never a muslim nor a former muslim , But the Sir or sirs from this website are Ex muslims ( Former muslims ) whom knows this as well . I Thank Jesus ( Yesuah ) That they came to know the truth , John 8:32 , And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free , John 8:36 , If the son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed .
    For Jesus indeed Died as well For You dear Muslims he loves you , John 3:16:17 !!!!!! , But you as a Muslim dont believe in This ” according to the Quran Allah made it appear like that Isa
    ( Jesus was Cruxified but he is not ) , well then i like to ask this question for evry muslim whom come on this website of this Ex ( Former Muslim ) whom became Christian ! ” Will allah lie and Deceive whom he can and lead astray whom he can , according the Quran Yes ! For allah is a Kahyrul makireen Makr ( Deceiver ) ” so in otherwords allah dont cares about whom is going to hell because he leads people astray !
    But The God of The Bible Cannot lie Nor is he a Deceiver nor he leads people astray ,
    But Satan , ( Shaytan ) , it sounds strange but many former muslims whom have study the Bible the Quran and hadith side by side ( Compared ) and have prayed with a sincere heart have come to the Conclusion , That The God of The Quran is infact not the God of The Bible , And have become Christian by praying and asking jesus whom he is
    if you would do this as a Muslim with a sincere heart and seek God with all your heart and with whole your soul you will Find him ,
    Deuteronomy 4:29 , But if from thence thou shall seek the lord thy god thou shall find him
    if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul ”
    For jesus is the way the truth and the Life , No man cometh unto the father but by me
    John 14:6 , Jesus saith unto him , I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father , but by me ,

    Hope that this information may guide you to the truth Inshallah ( God willing ) ? , For if you really are going to Jesus he will reveal the truth to you if you open your heart for him for your heart is the Door (And jesus is knocking on that Door to invite you and he will sup with you )
    Revelation 3:20 , Behold i stand at the door , and knock ; if any man hear my voice
    ( in otherwords in your heart ) , And open the door ( Other words your heart ) , I will Come in and sup with him and he with me ( Otherwords Jesus shall come eat with you
    the Bible ! ) . Taken from The King james version

    Greetings from a Christian whom loves you all !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry for my late reply Mullah Healavi Aroon , Your welcome and hope from the bottem of my heart that this information may help the christians to respond to muslims as well that muslims may study for themselves , For it is my desire that they may come to know Jesus whom loves them as well because there are just victims of a falsehood what they not fully understand
      (sincere muslims whom are good from heart) , For the real islam is something what these people dont understand , For Example , Faqtaluhu Wa Nassara Wa Jahud Wa Kaffara Wa mushrikeen

      Its sad but its the truth and i feel deeply sorry for the muslims whom dont can read or write or even read arabic i even dont can read it but some words in Arabic i know what it stands for , and thats only 1% or 2 %

      Anyway may Yesuah bless for you have become a new creature in him he changed you from a bad man in to a man with a new heart of Love Ameen !!!!!!!!

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