ISIS Causing a Crisis of Faith for Muslims — A Discussion with My Muslim Family on Christmas Day

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For a while now I have been involved with anti ISIS activities and groups. I visited Muslim refuges who ran away from ISIS controlled areas and I have observed the great decline of faith in Islam among those who ran away and received reports from inside ISIS controlled areas of the decline of the state of faith in Islam among those who have been left behind in ISIS areas.

Two days before Christmas 2014 I received one of these refugees as a sponsor. A young activist who made and his activist friends, the atrocities of ISIS known to the world and their reports are highly visible in the news media we receive about ISIS everyday.

On Christmas day, I had a family gathering that contained some members of my Iraqi Muslim family and my guest. A discussion about ISIS aroused and it took its natural end to discuss the religion of Islam itself. My Iraqi family tried to blame these atrocities done by ISIS on their “wrong” interpretation of Islam and not on Islam as such. I maneuvered in the discussion playing the “ISIS advocate” trying to recruit them to ISIS “extremist” ideology they believe to be wrong.

I started to quote Islamic authorities (Quran, Sunna, and widely accepted scholars) proving ISIS theology to be the right one. The family found themselves in the corner of what I called “following their own made-up god; desire” as they cherry pick their own religious convections according to their personal opinions and desire. When they tried to argue that religion has to conform to reason, I cornered them that they are “following their own made-up god; reason”.

In any way they tried to play this game to excuse Islam from the “misinterpretation” of the extremists, I showed them that they (my family) are not true Muslims (one who surrender to Allah); because they made-up their own god to follow and surrendered to it beside Allah, thus they could be easily labeled as Mushrikun (idolaters) who associate other gods with Allah. They have either to totally surrender to Allah and his judgments or they cannot be considered among those who surrender (Muslim) and therefore they are as the Quran describe them Kafiroon (disbelievers).

An example of a heavy corner they could not escape from in this discussion was these Quranic verses:

“Whoso judgeth not by that which Allah hath revealed: such are disbelievers.” Quran 5:44

“So judge between them by that which Allah hath revealed, and follow not their desires” Quran 5:49

“Is it a judgment of the time of (pagan) ignorance that they are seeking? Who is better than Allah for judgment to a people who have certainty (in their belief)?” Quran 5:50

The young activist guest, confirmed what I have been observing for a while, that in ISIS controlled areas, people either Muslims who support ISIS or as he put it “atheists” who reject ISIS and Islam. He even went further that what he followed as a Muslim and what my Iraqi family follow are the shells of Islam not its core, and if they dived into the core, they will have hard time not to become ISIS supporters.

In a desperate maneuver from my Iraqi family they said that following “extremist” (they mean fundamentalism) interpretation in any religion would lead to violence.

I objected to this escape route and responded, that if you are a Christian “extremist” (fundamentalist), there is nothing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ teach you to kill others; instead the founder of this faith Himself was the one who died for His followers and commanded them to love their enemies and to give the other cheek and go the extra mile because His kingdom is not of this world. They agreed that indeed Christ is a unique person who came in peace and brought peace.

At the end of the discussion, my Muslim Iraqi family said something like: “if this is the true Islam, then I do not want to be part of such religion”. They consider themselves now to be nothing but a cultural Muslims who do not want to get into the core of such violent religion as Islam.

The opportunity we have to minister to those who have been disenchanted with Islam is great and imminent. Though my guest called those who rejected Islam back in his native land because of ISIS as “atheists”, they are not really “atheists”, as they believe in a god. They are mostly “rejectionists of Islam”, a theists (someone believe in a god without rejection of revelation), deists or agnostics, but hardly real atheists.

The opportunity is now and we need to pray for the salvation of those disenchanted “Muslim rejectionists” and all the other Muslims who are still enchanted with Islam. May the spell of Islam break up soon in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


    • Your meaning is perfectly clear. Grammar is trivial.

      So brave & loyal, to challenge your family. Much respect.

      I too see what you see in Islam.
      But I see that also in Bible. Same author = same problems.
      Jesus sweetens the coffee, but still believes in hell for apostasy.

      For freedom, look further than the religion next door.
      Look further than science beliefs.
      Awareness is the essence of man, not belief.

  1. For many many years muslims and christians and Jazyidis lived in peace together in Irak
    But now fortunaly not any longer They flee from IS (Islamic State) , Because most of Irak is controlled by IS (Islamic State) ,
    And its horrible what they do since the start when they invated irak , Imam,s . muslim women and men and muslim children and even muslim baby,s have being killed by them as well Christians were killed no matter how old Young old baby,s it didnt matter ” because Muslims they were seen becoming friends with Christians , Says IS
    (Islamic State) , Because according to islam it is forbidden to have Christians and jews as Friends ,
    Sura 5:51 . Thats why IS (Islamic State) , have killed These poor Loving Muslims as well the Poor Loving Christians . Its a Terrible Tragedy but Yea History is going to Repeat it selves ” because IS (Islamic State) is doing the same things what the Prophet muhammed was doing Killing People (Arabs and non Arabs alike no matter whom it was Christians or Jews or Arabs back in Muhammed his Time) whom were not agreed with The Submittion under the Pledge of a Caliph what is Called the Bayja and Loving Muslims have no clue or some are just ignorant for the facts or out of fear or some use Taqqyia (Concealing) >>>> Islam Lying for the Cause of allah or Just stay quited because a Good loving Muslim knows deep inside his heart That islam can never be the truth and out of fear he keeps his mouth shut , Because Yes Prophet Muhammed according to the words of Christ was a Child of Shaytan and a False prophet Because

    Prophet muhammed was Stealing from Caravans from the Quraz Tribe of The Jews and murdering them He was Stealing From Christians as well Murdering Them , He Cutt the heads of from 600 between 900 Jews , and Abu Bakhar was saying Digg a Trench were they could lay those deadth body,s of the jews , After that Muhammed Died and was buried in Medina or Mecca . Abu Bakhar Became his succesor and was even getting more Violend Than Muhammed was . he Killed many Jews of The Quraz Tribe and Abu Bakhar said that The Rivers shall flow with blood , This Kind of Story evrybody can read one,s when you pick up the Sahih Bukhari Also called (Hadith or Sunna,s) . So Yes is it no wonder why IS (Islamic State) , is also doing the same Atrocity,s Like Prophet muhammed and Abu Bakhar his Succesor have done like any other Terrorists Organization but the Worst of them all is , IS (Islamic State) !!!!!!!!!!! ,

    The Biography of Muhammed (Sahih Bukhari) ” says it all why they doing these Evil Things

    And when we start to read What the Antichrist is going to do Revelation 13 . It is Just like Muhammed have done because islam is The Antichrist Religion , Why Because According The word what was Comming from Muhammed his Lips , according The Sahih Bukhari , Muhammed said . That the Last hour shall not come to pass on till the tribes of Islam defeat the Tribes of The Jews , he said . The Last hour shall not come to pass until The Rocks and trees would say oh Muslim servant of allah there is a Jew hidding behind a rock or tree come and kill him but the Rocks and trees would not say it is the Garqad (Olive tree) of the Jews

    And what do we read in the Bible King James version
    What Jesus is going to do with islam is a Terrible Tragedy Because Yes islam is Evil and Antichrist Satanic

    Zechariah 3:2
    Zechariah 2:8
    Zechariah 12:1:11
    Zechariah 14:1:4
    2 Thessalonians 2:1:8
    Revelation 20:10
    proof That a Coaltition of muslim nations shall follow the Antichrist

    And That Jesus shall make himselves known among the Jews That Jesus whom is coming to defeat The Antichrist To Deliver them from a Second holocoast What Adolf hitler have done So Yes History shall Repeat it selves

    Ezekiel 38 _ Ezekiel 39

    For most muslims in the middle east hate the Jews not all of the Muslims but most of them do , Special the People of Hamas and Hezbollah whom are yelling Allah Akbar death to Israel , and what do we see in Psalm 83 is Exactly What The God of The Bible Predicted Many many years ago What would happen That a Coalition of muslim nations would attack Israel , So Yes Islam is the Antichrist system and they shall follow there imam Madhi and Muslim Jesus what is according to the Bible exact the Opposite

    To see 2 Video,s of a Former muslim terrorist Why i Left islam_Walid Shoebat ,
    and a Video of John Macarthur
    The Grim Reality of the last days ‘ that i am not Joking around Please watch and check the infobox of the video the grim reality of the lastdays ?

    May Yesuah el masih bless you all !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why do muslims live in fear whom want to leave islam but they dont do for the fear of apostasy is the penalty of death , or dont understand there religion very well is very simple to check out these websites special for christians whom want to understand more about islam or muslims whom think that islam means peace , Well sorry dear muslims here in the west you have being been Lied to by your Imam , in The Mosque or by you so called clerics ,

    Why do your own studie and decide wheter IS (islamic state) is doing the things as The Quran Perscribes or not , Sorry but they do Exact The same things as Muhammed have done you can read it very clear when you start to compare the Sahih Bukhari with The Quran

    So I would like to give a Enquargement for Christians as well for (Peaceful muslims) to check out these websites

    Special for the peaceful Muslims whom can understand Arabic or Christians whom can understand Arabic Or former Muslims whom converted to Christianity whom can understand Arabic , Watch This Video


    Because when we look deeper in to The Bible whom really Cruxified Christ its Shaytan

    Genesis 3:14:15 , And the Lord God said unto the Serpent (Satan) , Because thou hast done this thou art cursed above all cattle and above evry beast of the field upon thy belly shalt thou go and dust shall thou eat all the days of thy life and i will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head and thou shall bruise his heel
    Hebrews 2:14:15 , Forasmuch Then as the Children are partakers of flesh and blood he also himself Likewise took part of the same that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death that is the Devil and deliver them who through fear of death were all their life time subject to bondage
    1 Peter 2:24 , Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the three (Cross) , that we being dead to sins should live unto rightheousness by whose stripes ye were healed
    Collosians 1:13:15 , Who hath deliverd us from the power of darkness and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son , In Whom we have redemption through his blood even the forgiveness of sins Who is the image of the invisable God the first Born of evry Creature
    Collosians 1:19:20 , For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell ” And having made peace through the blood of his Cross by him to reconcile all things unto himself by him I Say whether they be things in earth or things in heaven
    Ephesians 1:7 , In Whom we have redemption through his blood the forgiveness of Sins according to the Riches of his grace .
    Because Satan was the One whom entred Judas Isacriot
    Luke 22:3:4 , Then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot being the number of the twelve And he went his way and communed with the chief priests and captains how he might betray him (Jesus) , unto them (Pahrisees) ,

    And Jesus said unto Satan That thou doest Quikly
    John 13:27 , And After the sop Satan entered into him (Judas Iscariot) , Then Said Jesus unto him (Satan) , That thou doest Quikly

    So in Other Words satan is the one whom is Responsible For Jesus Cruxifixion But God allowed it To happen , Only because God loves us so Much That he Gave us his Habibi
    (His Lover) , His only son whom was born from the Virgin mary by The Spirit of God (Holyghost) , And Thats how God Manifested himselves in The Flesh in his only begotten son , But you as a Muslim dont believe this well Pay Attention ?
    Sura 3:38:48 _ Luke 1:26:35 _ John 3:16:21 ,

    Because There is some Truth in The Quran but its Stolen and taken from the Bible
    Example Sura 3:38:48 _ Luke 1:26:35 ,

    For why would the Quran say in Sura 19:33 , Peace be with me the day that i die and That allah shall Ressurect me , But in another Sura , Sura 4:157 , Its says Totaly Something else , Because many of You Muslims Think That Judas iscariot hanged on That Cross , well Do You really Think That God would Look it like That Jesus was Cruxified but so it was made Appeared to Them , I Dont think so Dear Muslims because The One whom gave his Life out of Love To Conquer Death Was Jesus himself for as The father have life so he has Given the son to have life
    John 5:19:21 ,

    So What is The Truth dear Muslims is it jesus whom he claims to be that he is the Truth and the way to The father , John 14:6 ,

    Or is it your allah ? , Whom is infact a Impostor and satan himselves pretending to be God , When you start to Compare The Sahih Bukhari with The Quran and Bible side by Side

    For why would a former muslim Terrorist Walid shoebat say That The God of islam is

    I am not here to Disgus or to Debate only Just Give you something to make your own Decision

    Also For Christians whom Think That The Islamic God is The same as The Christian God
    Well Sorry Beware before you Sink in The Boat , The Prophecy of The Bible is Very Clear ,

    Revelation 9:11 , And They had a King over them which is the angel of the bottemless pit
    Whose name in The Hebrew tongue is Abbadon (Lord of the Abish sheol hades Hell) , But in The Greek Tongue hath his name Apollyon (Destroyer) ,

    And whom is destroying whom and whom is destroying City’s in The Middle east yes you Gues it Muslim Terrorists and muslims alike whom Fighing one another Destroying Evrything Because its a Havoc in The Middle east and destroyed cities all done in the name of there so called God allah whom is Satan in Disguise
    Isaiah 14:12:17

    May Good muslims wake up and realize That There God is satan ?

    because The proof is very clear What is happening In The Middle east Destruction
    so They are doing a service To allah whom says Fighting is Prescribed for you even if you dislike it but allah knows best and ye know not even if you getting Killed
    Sura 2:216 , Sura 9:111

    Its as Clear as a Whistle whom The God of The Quran is according to The Bible and That is Satan (Lucifer) whom Capatilized so much That he wanted to become like the most high
    Isaiah 14:12:17 ,
    That made the world as a wilderness and destroyed the cities thereof

    So Beware and study for yourselves , Special Arabic Muslims who can read Arabic and Start to study a Arabic Bible with The Arabic Quran , You may be suprised what for Titles Allah have’s in The Quran and what for Titles Shaytan (Satan) , Has in The Bible

    takecare and Hope you would wake up ? , Because Jesus loves you and died for you on The Cross

    • Hi sujayrao2012.
      Good thinking, but the intellectual work has already been done.

      The downfall of Submission [islam] is as simple as making a proper evaluation of the character and agenda of the author of the Koran, but this definitive topic is blocked from methodical analysis by a longstanding theological mental phobia ; the fear of eternal punishment for apostasy.

      Telling people that the angel that dictated the Koran to Mohammed is an enemy of mankind simply does not work ; they cannot allow themselves to to verify the evidence [see the essays of Jacques Vallee] and draw the obvious conclusions about the author of the Koran.

      Forbidden knowledge has been a part of Abrahamic theology since Genesis was dictated to some gullible prophet, and has defended the pompous dictator from methodical scrutiny for several thousand years. Those who have studied deception will agree that secrecy is the most effective method for preventing countermeasures to misinformation.

      So : why does Jehovah [aka Allah] impose secrecy to prevent us discerning between Evil and Good ? Because those who can tell the difference will refuse to obey the harmful commandments in the self-proclaimed “holy books”. It is simple to understand, yet nobody is willing to take the many harmful commandments as direct evidence of predatory alien interference in human affairs.

      I have yet to find a way of breaking the defended psychosis that results from being brainwashed with Submission at an early [pre-intellect] age.

      Until believers develop the moral courage to trust themselves, they will continue to meet intellectual truthfulness with a deaf wall of denial.

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