Who Ruled the Universe When Jesus Died?

A Muslim may ask;

If God was in Jesus, and Jesus died on the cross, and after three days resurrected. Who was running the universe in these three days?

Let us return back to the previous illustration of the Trinity. We spoke about the computer case, which contains the hardware and software and requires an electric spark to work. Now we are going to talk about the computer monitor.

As you know, we can not really understand what is going on with the computer unless we are seeing some kind of visual or audible communication from it.

In early computers, the communication happened through printing results on a paper printout. That was not good enough since it did not show in real time what was really going on, besides the limitation of this method was that you did not have holistic comprehension of the computer operation.

Monitors help those who are interacting with the computer to have a real time experience with it and a better interaction and understanding of its operation.

In a way, the software (the Son) appears on the monitor and through it we have the communication.

Let us say that for some reason you decided to smash the monitor because you did not like what it showed. So you took the monitor and threw it on the floor and broke it, or took a hammer and kept hitting it until you made it into one hundred pieces. Does that mean you killed the software inside the computer case (hardware) which is still plugged into the electricity?

We all know the answer: No, the software is still alive and running and has not been killed or stopped.

So if we put another monitor, or if we fix the monitor we just broke are we not going to see the software or the operating system still running?

Another example might help you, is the TV. Let us say you did not like what a show presenter is saying on the TV, so you throw a book at your TV and break it. Maybe you even shoot the TV with a pistol. Did you kill the show presenter? No, you did not. He is still alive, and if we fix your TV or brought you another one, we would still see him talking.

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