Is the Bible Corrupted?

September 12, 2013 1

A Muslim may say: Christians believe in a corrupted scripture. The Quran is the only preserved scripture and the Bible is corrupted. Do you believe that the […]

The Christian “Jihad”

September 11, 2013 1

It has been 12 years since the 9/11 (September 11) terrorists attacks that changed the world. Today, I want to examine a statement made a […]

God Becoming a Man

September 10, 2013 0

A Muslim May Say: You Christians make God a man! God will not take the shape of a human being. First, we do not make […]

The West = Christians = Sin

September 7, 2013 1

A Muslim may say: The Christian West is an immoral place. Christians have sex without marriage, they drink Alcohol and use drugs and practice homosexuality. […]