Jesus and the Quran

A Muslim may say:

Christians believe Jesus is human and divine, and this is not possible.

Interestingly enough the Quran is believed by Muslims to be human and divine. It is divine because it is, according to Islam, “the word of God” and since it is God’s speech and thoughts, it therefore has a divine nature.

On the other hand the Quran is human, since it is comprehended by the human mind and communicated through a human language.

Furthermore, the claimed divine “word of God” in the Quran is incarnated into paper and ink in what is called Mus’haf (the book which contains the Quran).

Jesus Christ is described in Islam to be “God’s Word” (Quran 4:171) something the Gospel agrees upon too (John 1:1).

It is not right to compare Jesus Christ to other human prophets since none of them were “God’s Word” but they were His messengers who carried His word only.

Jesus and the Quran have to be compared as both of them claimed to be “God’s Word”.

If the Quran has a human and divine nature and is incarnated in a physical body (paper + ink = book), then we have to assume that Jesus can also be the Word of God since He is human and divine and He is incarnated in a physical body (flesh + blood = body).

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