A Muslim may ask:

Trinity is blasphemy. God is one not three. Check your math 1+1+1=3 not 1. How come you say God is one and the same time three?

Since you are visiting our web site, I assume you are using a computer, and I assume you at least know a little about it. Using these assumptions, I will try to explain to you the Trinity in a computer illustration.

A computer usually consists of: case (hardware), operating system (software), monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Most importantly, the computer needs electricity to work, without it, the computer is dead.

We believe God exist by himself (Father), spoken by His Word (Son), and alive by His Spirit (Holy Spirit). This is the Trinity you reject.

No illustration is perfect, but we are trying to make this concept of Trinity easier for you to understand.

Imagine God (the Father) is the computer case (the hardware), and what we call God Son is the operating system and all other applications (software), and the Holy Spirit is the electricity which make this computer functioning.

We definitely do not need a monitor, keyboard, or a mouse for the computer case to work as a stand alone (i.e. a server like the one this web site is hosted on, the server does not have to have a monitor and other peripherals for it to work).

We know that a hardware (mother board, processor, hard disk, etc…) can not do anything without having a software installed in it. Also we know that the hardware and the software will not interact and work without the electricity being plugged into the hardware.

Still we call all of these three parts of the computer, a computer, it is not three computers.

trinity computer illustration


  1. I believe man is also three in one. He is composed of his body, his spirit, and his soul. God the Father is like the soul, and Jesus is like the physical body.

    • Let me give another example: You happen to fall down from a passenger ship and no one noticed; what would you try to do if you can? You certainly will try to send and sign, SOS, which means “Save our souls” in your case alone, you will say “sms (Save my soul). Certainly, you won’t say, “Save my Spirit”, also not “Save my body” You will cry for your “Soul”. What is soul? “Soul” is the relation between BODY & SPIRIT. If they found you alive, they will say, “We found him; while if they found you dead, they ‘they will say we found his body. Now a question for you is, “Are you one, or three??????. Of course “ONE” if you can accept it. So, is God, who created Adam, in HIS own image to live in him and come to an expression in this universe (while GOD is a SPIRIT) Thus while Adam was a body for THE CREATOR. That is why HE did say to all the angels to worship Adam, (Sura 81:51) What happened the TOO PROUD angel disobeyed the Creator and thereby became “JINN”, who today teaches men to do the same thing that Satan, Iblees did, not to worship Jesus Christ, who is like Adam (Sura 3:59) But without SIN (Sura 19:19) And THE WORD OF GOD (Sura 4:171) These 3 aspects in Koran prove that Jesus Christ is GOD, the fulfillment of GOD’S VERY PLAN OF CREATION, but Satan won’t let humans obey the MOST HIGH CREATOR to worship HIM in Jesus Christ, who according to Koran is the SPIRIT OF GOD. I will whole heartedly pray for Muslims that they come to fulfill the very desire of the CREATOR to revere HIM IN JESUS CHRIST.

  2. ( No illustration is perfect ) you have said that because you knew that this one is not , electricity is needed to turn the computer but without it still we can call it a ( computer ) But the main point is that you are saying that GOD is made of three parts : the father , the Son , the Holy Spirit , which is i find it hard to believe because anything that is made of parts means it is NOT perfect and dose not really different from anything else in this materiel world , DO angels or Devils made of parts ? does that means they are better than GOD ?
    and if you are going to say that all three parts are perfect that means that we have 3 Gods and not one

  3. so, if you believe that jesus was died on the cross, how about father and holy spirit? do you agree if father and holy spirit also dead?

    • @Amine, @ anzi, @ Taj

      Go back and ponder what E. John commented on above. He was so erudite in his explanation. Excellent!

  4. The islamic notion of god as a singular entity removes the communal love aspect of God. God is not an individual and in fact CANNOT be an individual, or He would not be Love. He eternally begets His Son and breathes forth His Spirit in unbroken union. He Himself is union and love and community, in one God expressed in 3 persons. It is sad that so many Muslims not only reject this life changing truth, but would murder anyone who proclaims it, as they have been doing since the beginning.

  5. Don’t you think God should be eternal(as Jesus died). He neither begets nor is born(if that would not happen then every one that is born should be dead, there must not be any thing to be existing,neither Earth and us) and there should be none like Him(should be Unique). So, He is one.(perfect definition of God. Google “surah ikhlas in english”)

  6. Trinity is not an easy concept. But basically it is a way to understand that God is Love, as mentioned in the letters of Saint John. Allah never called himself love. He couldn’t because Allah was before creation a frustrated God, his love could only go to himself, a God without real love. In the new testament the depth of God’s love was fully revealed. God is One of course, He is One love. But to understand full love one has to understand that Love is a process. The Father loves the Son, the Son receives this love and gives it back to the Father. In the Holy Spirit God is one Love. Love moves in God, in the one God. God shares this love with mankind. So Trinity is a way of saying God is Love, there is no frustrated God but a God who is full love, love for the world. The oneness of God is Love for mankind. It makes christianity a warm religion unlike the brutal islamic faith.

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